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Mon Nov 2 05:03:33 PST 2015

On 11/1/15, Cari Machet <carimachet at> wrote:
> state dont like check points by community ... UK use to do shootings at
> community checkpoints and pretend they were a protestant or vis versa a
> catholic just to fuck with the community security effect

Are you able to provide something more for the curious please?

> all of this points to why i think there needs to be many theories developed
> around solution in all sectors of society not just one base theory to solve
> one issue then we are all good and we live in nirvana.... work on
> everything you can all the time

I agree with this. We can hypothesize how 'natural monopolies/
utilities' would work - how do we manage a transition? And given that
most people in a "democracy" almost always acquiesce to an evil
dominating imposition by the state (eg parking fine), how could
political anarchy be better? Does power not tend to coalesce/
centralise? J Paul Getty - distribute the worlds wealth (he meant
money I think) equally to everyone, and in 90 days most of it will be
back where it was before you started the exercise (I'm paraphrasing of

> work on mindset ... so restorative justice is like that it tears at the
> underlying mindset of getting off on murder and blood lust... mediation
> shit ...calling out people that take power instead of standing there mouth
> open drooling

It's the "mouth open drooling" part that I have always maintained is
our greatest problem, and why I believe that our education system has
been intentionally deteriorated to a schooling and baby sitting (baby
creating) system. Just another aspect that needs fixing/ redesigning/
reworking/ major change.

> this is being taught now in primary schools


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