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>> Again I say, Russian president Putin is close to the only true
>> statesmen on the world stage today.
> Zenaan, *there is no country except Russia that is a friend to the Truth*.
> Not only France. And i say so not because i am russian at all, believe me.
> Even the Chinese/Indian/Belorussian/Argentinian... who declare (sometimes)
> some speeches that are friendly to Russia/to the Truth - are no more than
> hypocritical dogs. Because when there is some kind of pressure/exam... you
> NEVER see them.
> For example, look now with the destroyed jet/look with the "Ukraine case" -
> was there any truly *unambiguous* and *consistent*  country FOR the Truth?!
> Money/other benefits is everybody's only interest. No moral values. No
> standing for the Truth.
> Except Putin

Confusing the absolute "truth" with "moral values" would indeed pose a
tricky dilemma in the situation of Vladimir Putin. If you consider Putin
to be unilaterally upholding the truth whilst at the same time upholding
moral values, such a position would be rapidly contradicted when
comparing Putin's attitude towards the right of LGBT people to exist to
that of the West, considering of course that by "moral values", Putin
indeed upholds basic human rights.

Indeed, the torture and killings perpetrated by Putin's lower levels of
government and covered from up high, a fact of life that comes with
having been a member of the soviet union, must definitely reflect upon
Putin's willingness to publicize the truth, whether it would be in his
country's (capitalist) interest.
Furthermore, Putin's involvement against ISIS (or Daesh, for those who
prefer it) is but another part of Putin's manipulation for influence in
the middle east, tying in with involvement in Ukraine, games with NATO
and economic sanctions placed against Russia by the western world.

I strongly doubt that Putin's actions are not motivated by money and the
so-called "benefits" that come with setting up a slew of back room
agreements between countries. Instead, agreements promoting corruption
and the oppression of free speech are mainly set up with non-western
countries, reducing the ability for western media to catch a hold of
them and call Putin out, a result of the more secretive systems of
government that tend to exist in the East.

>> It is so sad to me that most of the Western world today is, evidently, so
>> utterly compromised

Although the problem of political corruption and the utter inability of
any political party to avoid completely sacrificing any hope of measly
integrity is primarily associated with the West, Eastern governments are
not exempt. It is not that such problems are isolated to a particular
section of the world, but instead cover the globe itself.

>> I can only hope that future Russian presidents sustain such a level of
>> integrity and
>> commitment to national interests and his/her own people, as he does.

> Me too, my friend. And it is very important to understand, that Putin is
> not committed ONLY to the Russian's national interests, *but to the
> interests of all the **(sane) people of the whole world.*

Oh yes, considering that the citizens of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and
Crimea are not Putin's own people.
Given Putin's partial invasion of Georgia and the Ukraine, it would be
ludicrous to believe that he is acting in the interests of the Georgian
and Ukrainian people. Russia's actions, although in his eyes quite
likely reflect an act of protection by Russia, are solely motivated by
economic or military reasoning, furthering Russia's troublesome
influence in an already unstable region.

It must be kept in mind that although Russia may have a tendency to cut
through the grime that obscures Western policy making, Russia (and
thereby Vladimir Putin) is not exempt from the corruption evident in
today's world by cause of modern capitalist and nationalistic sentiment.

I truly hope that the belief that Putin is an "unambiguous and
consistent friend to the truth" is but pure satire, intended to spark a
lively debate.

All the best,

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