How does one remove the NSA Virus off the BIOS Chip

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Hi Mailing List People,

            I am apparently  the number one person in the United States on
the _*NSA-CIA-FBI Watch List*_. For multiple reasons! I am the Coordinator
of the United Front Against Racism and Capitalism-Imperialism who was
arrested by the so-called "Major Case Squad" in August 1986 because our
group exposed the scientific documentation on a big series of _/*huge*/_
wall posters that AIDS is Biological Warfare by the US Government Against
Blacks, Gays and those with certain blood dyscrasias. The arrest was on the
front pages of all NYC newspapers and on Channel 4 in Europe. I tried to
send this email to Anonymous and TOR does not permit attachments so just
disregard that when you see an attachment mentioned.

            Recently I was _*Extraordinarily Renditioned*_ (KIDNAPPED AND
HELD AGAINST MY WILL FOR 18 HOURS AND TORTURED after simply walking along a
road in New Jersey!) See the third attachment. The NSA has TOTAL control of
my computer and has real time keystroke by keystroke monitoring and
harassment while I am on the computer. My anti-virus and anti-Malware are
totally useless as explained by Snowden because the computer is controlled
through the _*BIOS Chip*_ as explained in the attachment on Snowden
revelations. Scroll down the document until you get to _*ANT*_ (Access
Network Technology). I would like for _*Anonymous*_ to publish on its
website for EVERYONE, not just me,  how to remove and neutralize NSA
viruses placed on the BIOS CHIP! Also please send the information in an
email to me. I am sure you could manage this. If THEY can do it and YOU are
the world's greatest hackers just like they are, then YOU can neutralize
any garbage they place on the BIOS Chip. Kaspersky by refusing to help me
in this also SUPPORTS NSA placement of virus software on the BIOS Chip
because that confirms that I am one of the capitalists' most important
enemies and therefore I am an are automatic enemy of Kaspersky. So I can go
screw! Will I receive the same response from Anonymous? It is a rule of
capitalist statecraft that a government control and operate its own
opposition by one means or another any and ALL means. Anonymous is a
supposed opposition group. So who is _/*really*/_ running anonymous and
please do not say "everyone" or "no one" because that is the same BS answer
given by the anti-Communist Anarchist group,  so-called "Occupy Wall
Street." _*I need immediate help*_. And so undoubtedly do others! I am
partially computer savvy. But I am not yet a programmer.

William H. Depperman
whd2 at
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