Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden

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<<As Paris reels from terrorist attacks that have claimed at least 128
lives, fierce blame for the carnage is being directed toward American
whistleblower Edward Snowden and the spread of strong encryption catalyzed
by his actions. Now the Paris attacks are being used an excuse to demand
back doors>>

<<how can “officials” and their media stenographers persist in trying to
convince people of such a blatant, easily disproven falsehood: namely, that
Terrorists learned to hide their communications from Snowden’s revelations?
They do it because of how many benefits there are from swindling people to
believe this. To begin with, U.S officials are eager here to demonize far
more than just Snowden
They want to demonize encryption generally as well as any companies that
offer it. Indeed, as these media accounts show, they’ve been trying for two
decades to equate the use of encryption — anything that keeps them out of
people’s private online communications — with aiding and abetting The

<<Above all, there’s the desperation to prevent people from asking how and
why ISIS was able to spring up seemingly out of nowhere and be so powerful,
able to blow up a Russian passenger plane, a market in Beirut, and the
streets of Paris in a single week. That’s the one question Western
officials are most desperate not to be asked, so directing people’s ire to
Edward Snowden and strong encryption is beneficial in the extreme>>

<<There’s the related question of how ISIS has become so well-armed and
powerful. There are many causes, but a leading one is the role played by
the U.S. and its “allies in the region” (i.e., Gulf tyrannies) in arming
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