[Cryptography] Bear Bonds - a new crytpocurrency

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 02:39:19 PST 2015

>> And details on "directory servers", "witnesses", "trusted party
>> transaction servers".

I was looking for details on who or what process selects / runs / chooses
these nodes, and how.

That and words like 'trusted' are critical in these communities and
do we not yet see these established in the quoted things above?

What makes them unable to censor transactions?
Or to censor other nodes, or unspent outputs?
Who has authority for issuing control messages?
What are their key practices and defense to various threats?

>> An admittedly very brief reading, site verbage, including trademark,
>> patent and copyright claims leaves question as to commitment to
>> fully decentralized p2p model and opensource. If true, you might find
>> quite limited interest here and more interest by banks, govts, and
>> commercial. If untrue and misread, please address.

This question was not yet answered.

These and the license may not be 'notable features' for certain
of these communities, and should certainly be detailed
in any full and legitimate comparison to Bitcoin...
What is the open development model?
What aligns you (or not) with the various non-technical philosophies
of Bitcoin (to which you already strive to technically compare)?

> We currently do not support any network other than Tor.  Before introducing a
> new network, we would have to carefully consider whether it could potentially
> compromise privacy and security.

Do you have a paper covering your analysis of Tor in that regard?
It would certainly be welcomed and of interest to at least the
Tor community.

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