Threat Model: Parents

Honza Klokanek Sipek klokanek at
Sun May 31 20:20:58 PDT 2015

Remark: Just wonder how many later hackers started by bypassing
parental/school network limits.  Strict rules are just encouraging the right

With limited budget is also not a bad idea to collect the components and other
'computer waste' from luckier friends and build an own computer for free.

Kids will always win. At least in the long run. ;-)

Sun, May 31, 2015 at 08:14:10PM -0600, Mirimir pise:
> OK, stealth is the only option. The first requirement is a safe place
> for communicating, researching, and downloading stuff. Doing that on a
> compromised machine is most likely pointless.
> I know nothing about parental monitoring software. But one could get a
> good sense of its universe from searching.[0] Task Manager shows what's
> running, but Process Explorer is much more informative.[1] It doesn't
> require installation, or admin rights to run, and one can run it from a
> USB flash drive. Its use will be logged, of course, but at least it
> won't show up as an installed program.
> Right click on processes of interest, and select Properties. The
> Environment tab shows where logs etc might be found. The TCP/IP tab
> shows network activity and remote IPs/hosts.
> If there is stuff that requires admin rights to see, and there is some
> private time, booting with a Linux LiveCD would be useful. makeuseof
> recommends Hiren’s BootCD, The Ultimate Boot CD, and Knoppix.[2]
> If there's no evidence of sophisticated efforts, it might be worth using
> Portable VirtualBox[3,4] and a Ubuntu VM with LUKS.[5] However, using
> Portable VirtualBox would likely require admin rights to install
> drivers. It's fairly trivial to get admin rights in Windows.[6] And one
> could reverse all changes after installing drivers needed for Portable
> VirtualBox. But consequences of discovery might be painful.
> [to be continued]
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]

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