Threat Model: Parents

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Several responses have stated, and questioned, the children's rights
accessing the Internet.  Yes, with supervision.  What all the responses
have missed is the lack of distinction between communication and email.
Claiming a child has a right to private extra-familial communications is as
divided as the general access to the Internet.  With supervision, without
any more or less privacy than the child has in non-virtual communications.

And, what hasn't been connected to deciding on the level of supervision,
the developmental state of the child is highly relevant.

Claiming a child merits access - with or without supervision - can only be
made by the primary custodians of the child.

We wish to ignore this subtlety because we wish to ignore Society's
overbearing on all of us.

The result in this specific scenario is, regardless of the child, the
custodians require and merit a higher degree of technical faculty.  To
presume it is less than the childs is a mistake.  Along with this ability
comes the burden of communication: to provide an appropriate example.  As
with many non-virtual counterparts:   many failure.  such sad.

Why should this medium of bits be different?
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