Threat Model: Parents

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Wipe the machine, install fresh and clean Linux, and then password lock the BIOS.

On 31 May 2015 03:24:45 GMT+01:00, Gadit Bielman <thetransintransgenic at> wrote:
>I'm trying to help (probably badly, but..) a friend deal with parents
>they expect are spying on them.
>I know that in general, it's impossible to secure a computer that you
>trust and don't necessarily have administrator privileges to.
>But their parents are not exactly the NSA -- any spying that's
>happening is
>almost definitely some sort of product, plus basic things like maybe
>looking through their history. (I don't know much about they're
>-- maybe they know more, so
>well-if-you-know-they-do-this-then-you-could-do-this type advice would
>still be helpful.)
>Would antivirus be able to detect spy-on-your-kids products? Would they
>able to scan their computer with like Immunet or something, even if
>didn't have administrator privileges?
>Tor would probably help -- unless the monitoring was looking at the RAM
>something for website names, which would be way overkill on a
>product, no? Or (more likely) if it was taking screenshots at regular
>intervals, which would also break running a VM or something. (Is there
>way to detect taking screenshots?)
>I know probably the best thing would be running TAILS as a LiveCD --
>problem with that is that it's REALLY obvious over-the-shoulder.
>Um, thoughts about any of those?
>Any other things about parents as a threat model in general?
>I know this is pretty far from what is usually discussed on here, but
>really interested in what you think/it would potentially help a lot of

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