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The USA is historically chasing companies and individuals laundering money or paying bribes using "US networks for money transfer" aka SWIFT. One of the most prolific cases with SWIFT was the USA versus the Swiss company ABB. If the USA cannot get a handle they will submit the case back to the country of origin's justice department.

On the first look of the FIFA case it shows that it is mostly about South American individuals and multi-national companies – all having ties back to the USA. It is a developing story though…

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On the "FIFA CASE", Douglas Rankine wrote some very important words:

As international law develops throughout the world, the power of a global arrest warrant will increase and its jurisdiction and extent and use will also increase. One awaits the day when it will be used against Russia, China or India.  Switzerland is a small country and although having many rich and powerful institutions, is falling far behind the big players on the world scene. Assange, and wiki leaks and reporters and journalists and whistleblowers all over the world, beware, this doctrine applies not only to terrorists, child molesters and criminals. Big brother is not only watching you, but he is recording your every move, and whenever or wherever you get in his way, he will get you...

It relates to many people on this list.

Be aware. Or should I say "be careful"?

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