Firefox will scan your browsing history to suggest advertiser sites

Cathal Garvey cathalgarvey at
Wed May 27 04:14:02 PDT 2015

I *gather* (without much attribution/citation wise) that it'll be 
pseudo-client-side, with lists of topics being downloaded from Mozilla, 
and click-data being (poorly) obfuscated in return as "user clicked 
*some link in this set*".

Not impressed, at all. This is a pattern, though;

1. Organisation wins favour by appealing to technically competent people 
who recommend organisation's product to less technically competent 
friends and family.
2. Organisation's user-base grows and organisation refocuses on a 
generally-applicable brand. Hackers still happy because decline takes time.
3. Organisation starts ignoring early-adopters and hacker-advocates who 
made it popular to begin with. Hackers ditch it.
4. Organisation coasts along on existing lay-customer-base for ages.
5. Organisation is replaced by an upstart that probably wins favour 
through early adopters and hacker-advocates.

People don't listen to geeks on the "important" stuff, like "Don't post 
your credit card selfie to twitter", but when they want a recommendation 
for a good web browser, chat client, or model of phone, they do. And 
companies forget this the moment they've crested that wave.

On 27/05/15 09:22, rysiek wrote:
> Dnia środa, 27 maja 2015 11:35:08 Lodewijk andré de la porte pisze:
>> It's fine if it's client side. They can make it client side.
> Not holding my breath, though...

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