[cryptome] NYT on Nick Szabo and Bitcoin

Wilfred Guerin wilfred at vt.edu
Mon May 18 06:13:12 PDT 2015

We did a context profile on Satoshi with analysis of intel-based datacenter
profiles and certain known paterns from the USSS (Treasury Fincen) crew you
like so much at Yale and another specific MI5 ish unit whome you remember
from Anguilla. The analysis clustered age and language patterns and
identified a very tight range of character and background with
institutional intent, then modeled the propaganda influence that gave rise
to the BTC trend. The analysis was posted on the forums and pdf, but are
missing from search. We will repost the original and add some current
profile analysis. In short, the character is a 20s 2-year AS pre-law 1811
(police) with distinct interest in using US/UK and new international law
*pyramid scheme policies to take over global legacy datacenters* in
criminal forfeiture cases. Another party did a review of law&policy
influencers of the same market and similarily isolated the core group. (no
need to mention DEA+FINCEN.)

On Sunday, May 17, 2015, John Young <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:

> nytimes.com/2015/05/17/business/decoding-the-enigma-of-satoshi-nakamoto-and-the-birth-of-bitcoin.html
> <http://t.co/2zgTpKDPaa>
> Those around cypherpunks 1993-1998 will recall Szabo's emails on
> bitcoin early precursors along with Adam Back, Hal Finney, Tim May,
> Wei Dai, Lucky Green, Hettinga, many more burgeoning F-Cs. NYT
> piece credits cpunks as subversive birther, now being hyper-monetized
> by arch-cryptoanarchist Goldman Sachs and many more centralists.
> Szabo denies being Satoshi, but ... others rush to fill the gap
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