Subject: Re: Watching the watchers: spook database

Griffin Boyce griffin at
Fri May 8 09:25:25 PDT 2015

   You'd be surprised how many of these people are open about having a 
TS/SCI +poly clearance.  While the people who wrote the backend for 
Pinwale might not be open about it on LinkedIn, people who use Pinwale 
in their jobs might be.  A good (unanswered) question might be just how 
many people who've worked for Booz Allen Hamilton (as listed on LI) 
*don't* use classified keywords compared to the number that do.

   People tend to think that LinkedIn is a safe environment to be open 
about their past work.  Which is obviously bullshit, and I'd posit that 
it's actually worse than Facebook because your information is shared 
with the general public.  Even with higher privacy settings enabled, 
anyone with a paid Recruiter account can see everything.


Softy wrote:
> ​Specifically job hunters/HR department types.
> They lack the opsec training.  And, inspite of never having had a
> clearance or working in an agency (mostly), they usually learn of
> coverterms/project names which managers are hiring from because even
> thouse with training often slip or don't know.  Then the HR people use
> those terms for attention getting of possible candidate - and everyone
> wants to appear "in the know" as to be credible.
>> Beschreibung:
>> “Proficient in Microsoft Word and Xkeyscore” and similar
>> phrases are
>> surprisingly common on LinkedIn profiles. NSA contractors,
>> military, and
>> others involved in the surveillance state post seemingly coded and
>> harmless details about their work in job listings,

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