How are the Baltimore riots going?/Any way we can help?

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Tue May 5 05:39:59 PDT 2015

OR: Put phone in microwave and set it for a slow-roast program. The interference will prevent harmful spy-rays from reaching the phone.

Bonus, you can fast-charge Apple devices using the Microwave thanks to #AppleWave!

On 5 May 2015 12:58:02 GMT+01:00, Georgi Guninski <guninski at> wrote:
>On Sun, May 03, 2015 at 08:51:02PM +0000, jim bell wrote:
>> >removing the battery may vary among devices. Snowden told people
>> >visiting him in Hong Kong to put their phones in the refrigerator,
>> >is a Faraday cage. Also, using a bag is arguably less hassle than
>> >removing the battery.
>> For an RF-shield, I think that using a microwave oven would be much
>superior to a refrigerator.  By definition, a microwave oven is
>designed to contain a huge (1 kilowatt) emission of 2.45 GHz signal
>(close to those of cell phone frequencies, some are 1700-1900 MHz), so
>that humans can live with reasonable safety a foot or so away from it.
> This implies a shielding of around 60 decibels.I'd keep a container of
>water inside the microwave cavity to absorb emitted microwave-band
>signals.  (And, of course, you should detach the power-cord of the
>microwave, to avoid accidently frying your valuable electronics.)As for
>smartphones, my understanding is that most of them don't have
>detachable batteries.  They do, however, have "airplane-mode" function,
>where (presumably) they are set to not emit any signals in any band.
> That doesn't mean they couldn't hear, or record, audio, or detect RF
>signals, for recording and later transmission. 
>>       Jim Bell   N7IJS             Proudly standing as the LAST
>"Tech-Plus" Ham (Amateur Radio Operator) in the World.
>For maximum safety: ;)
>1. Put the phone in airplane mode
>2. Physically remove the battery
>3. Put the phone in tinfoil faraday cage as explained here
>4. Put the faraday cage in the microwave oven

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