[cryptome] US World Political Jurisdiction

Александр afalex169 at gmail.com
Thu May 28 21:47:21 PDT 2015

> On the "FIFA CASE", Douglas Rankine wrote some very important words:
> As international law develops throughout the world, the power of a global
> arrest warrant will increase and its jurisdiction and extent and use will
> also increase. One awaits the day when it will be used against Russia,
> China or India.  Switzerland is a small country and although having many
> rich and powerful institutions, is falling far behind the big players on
> the world scene. Assange, and wiki leaks and reporters and journalists and
> whistleblowers all over the world, beware, this doctrine applies not only
> to terrorists, child molesters and criminals. Big brother is not only
> watching you, but he is recording your every move, and whenever or wherever
> you get in his way, he will get you...

It relates to many people on this list.
Be aware. Or should I say "be careful"?
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