Subject: Re: Watching the watchers: spook database

Softy softservant at
Thu May 7 08:38:11 PDT 2015

​Specifically job hunters/HR department types.
They lack the opsec training.  And, inspite of never having had a clearance
or working in an agency (mostly), they usually learn of coverterms/project
names which managers are hiring from because even thouse with training
often slip or don't know.  Then the HR people use those terms for attention
getting of possible candidate - and everyone wants to appear "in the know"
as to be credible.

> Beschreibung:
> “Proficient in Microsoft Word and Xkeyscore” and similar phrases are
> surprisingly common on LinkedIn profiles. NSA contractors, military, and
> others involved in the surveillance state post seemingly coded and
> harmless details about their work in job listings,
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