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We're pleased to announce that lowRISC is taking part in Google Summer of
as a mentoring organisation. We're working with a number of our friends in
wider free and open source software and hardware communities to provide a
range of project ideas in a number of different implementation languages
covering every level of the hardware/software stack. GSoC provides a stipend
of $5500 for selected students to work on open source over the summer.

Student applications open on Monday 16th March. For more information, see
The full lowRISC ideas list is available here
<http://www.lowrisc.org/docs/gsoc-2015-ideas/>, and the titles are listed
below. We're also very interested in student-proposed ideas. Massive thanks
are due to everyone who has volunteered to mentor.

* A fully open source FPGA compilation flow using Yosys
* Accessing the OpenCores ecosystem (implementing a Wishbone to TileLink
* jor1k port to RISC-V
* Extend Tavor to support directed generation of assembly test cases
* Constrained randomised testing with coverage tracking in Cocotb
* TCP offload to minion cores using rump kernels
* Schematic Viewer for Netlists (SVG/JavaScript)
* Porting Icarus Verilog to JavaScript using Emscripten
* Optimized ray tracer for Nyuzi parallel processor
* Porting musl libc to RISC-V
* LLVM pass for control-flow hijacking protection using lowRISC’s tagged
* Porting L4/FIASCO.OC to RISC-V
* Adding Chisel support to FuseSoC
* Trace Debugging Infrastructure for lowRISC
* OCaml native code port to RISC-V
* JTAG hardware debugging support for Nyuzi

Even if you're not a student, we'd appreciate your help in spreading the
to ensure we get the best possible applicants. As ever, we invite you to
subscribe to the lowrisc-dev discussion list
idle on #lowRISC on irc.oftc.net, and follow @lowRISC on Twitter.

-- The lowRISC team

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