Possible SigInt Metadata Dump Files Circulating

Troy Benjegerdes hozer@hozed.org
Wed Jun 10 12:51:03 EDT 2015

> More importantly: The coin & currency tracking data maps FAR TOO
> CLEARLY into reasonable commerce patterns, coins into and out of
> *registers*, bank trucks and storage. Without a full 3d model and a
> huge computational effort to simulate global commerce, it is more
> likely that a high precision radar system or sigint capability is
> actually tracking these targets.


I could imagine RFID-type tracking of bills. What I can't imagine is
how you'd ever manage to track metal coins in and out of a cash register,
unless the *register* itself has embedded analog signint pre-processing.

If it's worldwide, I can only imagine consistent data if acquired by 
satellite, so it's got to be some frequency that propagates relatively
well, with some sort of passive radar[1] type mechanism?

Or is this why all cell phones have FM receivers now?[2]


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