Possible SigInt Metadata Dump Files Circulating

Wilfred Guerin wilfred@vt.edu
Wed Jun 10 09:17:59 EDT 2015

Files are standard DB Table dumps (packed) loading from a cluster of
VPNs from torrent and NAS protocols through central europe (entry
providers are all in privacy-sensitive countries) and intended to be a
distributed database service; there is simply nothing big enough to
handle this onload directly. (at 120+gbps bursts) Some of the services
are posting public torrent data and open sql database access. Table
files are set up as redundant master with cross-population and
standard distribution techniques. Some of the tracking data appears to
have 1 inch resolution target vectors.

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 8:52 AM, Griffin Boyce <griffin@cryptolab.net> wrote:
> Wilfred Guerin wrote:
>> Some huge *meaning close to exobyte size* data sets are circulating in
>> storage clouds this last week, appear to be snapshots of signals
>> intelligence metadata including vector tracking of signals targets
>> (possibly cell phones based on movement vectors) and cross-associated
>> metadata for their communications. Indications are that these are
>> recon signal dumps of the american sigint system loaded by a major
>> organized crime syndicate and cover most of last year. There is also a
>> set of organic tracking signals, assumably covert agent
>> communications, and another set that appears to be all American and
>> European cash money transactions(???).
>   Links to more info?  Are these intended to be public, or some kind of
> config failure?

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