Bitcoin exchanges.

Mirimir mirimir at
Wed Jul 8 23:18:03 PDT 2015

On 07/08/2015 12:17 PM, Seth wrote:
> On Wed, 08 Jul 2015 05:41:37 -0700, Edd thompson <blukami at> wrote:
>> Is there and way a person can get their paycheck direct deposit to a
>> Bitcoin? So instead of a deposit to a checking account it goes to an
>> exchange that converts it for you?
> Not aware of any services that perform this in an automated fashion.
> Might be a entrepreneurial opportunity.
>> And then is there a good way to access currency in rural areas?
> Are you talking about converting BTC back into fiat cash? I don't know
> of a way to do that either.

You can buy meatspace and online gift cards at or
with Bitcoin.

> You want to consider signing up for an account at That will
> allow you to buy products on Amazon using BTC (at a significant discount
> I might add) where the products can then be shipped to a location of
> your choosing.
>> I have seen a few videos and read overviews but they never get to how to
>> make it practical for people not in big cities, hell it just doesn't seem
>> practical at all unless you live near an exchange or are willing to do
>> credit card transactions that  cost on top of the exchange and make the
>> currency traceable.
> Having other people buy items for you via might throw another
> of obfuscation into the mix, but you still have to have any physical
> goods shipped to an address, which doesn't really help if you want to
> perform untraceable transactions.

Getting stuff anonymously in meatspace is nontrivial. Mailbox and
remailer services require photo ID. Another entrepreneurial opportunity.

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