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Subject: 	Introducing SeeOnce
Date: 	Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:40:55 -0500
From: 	Francisco Ruiz <ruiz(AT)iit.edu>
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Hello LiberationTech subscribers,

SeeOnce is a new web app that encrypts text and files with forward
secrecy. This is achieved by changing keys with every message rather
than using a server to store keys or encrypted material. SeeOnce
consists of a single, relatively small html document, which doesn't
connect to any servers. It is based on a javascript implementation of
TweetNaCl, plus WiseHash, a dictionary-based key entropy meter that adds
a variable number of scrypt key stretching rounds for weaker keys.

Forward secrecy is obtained through a protocol similar to OTR messaging,
except that communications are expected to be asynchronous. SeeOnce
connects to the browser's default email through conventional mailto and
web links, so users don't need to install anything. Removal of ephemeral
data can be done via a single button.

Another important goal is to make key exchange transparent to the user,
so that even complete novices can use it right away.

Please take a look at SeeOnce and give us any suggestions you might
think appropriate. The preferred way is by starting Issues at the
project's GitHub page at:


The app is directly downloadable from https://seeonce.net. A Chrome app,
able to synchronize its data through Google servers, is available

Thank you very much.

Francisco Ruiz
Associate Professor
MMAE department
Illinois Institute of Technology

h**ps://www 'dot' youtube 'dot' com/watch?v=UOJXI8E0lKY

get the PassLok privacy app at: https://passlok.com <http://passlok.com>

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