interwebs trivia

Wed Jul 22 18:27:10 PDT 2015

	"2.13.1. "What is Crypto Anarchy?"
  - Some of us believe various forms of strong cryptography
     will cause the power of the state to decline, perhaps even
     collapse fairly abruptly. We believe the expansion into
     cyberspace, with secure communications, digital money,
     anonymity and pseudonymity, and other crypto-mediated
     interactions, will profoundly change the nature of
     economies and social interactions." TM


	"The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new
	transnational dystopia. This development has not been properly
	recognized outside of national security circles. It has been
	hidden by secrecy, complexity and scale. The internet, our
	greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the
	most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever
	seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization." JA

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