an ominous comment - duality of earth human existence

Tue Jul 21 15:22:58 PDT 2015

On 7/20/15, Stephen D. Williams <> wrote:
>> 	It has people who say that the NSA does good things (coderman)
> They don't?

defensive mission vs. offensive like the duality of existence,
 good and bad, bad and good; polemic extremes always.

gotta learn offensive to know how to defend. then defender uses to
advance attacks?

we're fighting this front in many contexts. all the easy lines are
drawn, and the problems left hard to impossible.


i don't know if you have good or bad intentions, Juan.

but i hope you know what i like about NSA is their defensive support,
and i miss the days when they weren't raving drunk with offensive
addiction pointed domestically...

[ and funny enough, their offensive addiction led to leaks which led
to mass adoption of crypto in ways i never imagined could happen. so
might even say a BAD NSA is good for privacy. ]


best regards and intentions,
  even to Juan ;P

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