an ominous comment
Tue Jul 14 08:52:03 PDT 2015

Discussing security policy post-OPM debacle in a setting to which
I have access (sorry to be oblique), it was said by a CxO "We have
to prepare for the day when no software we depend on is run on

I did not handle this well (think sputtering as an alternative to
white rage).  At the same time, I am probably in a bubble in that
I suspect that nearly everyone I see with a computer (of any form
factor) is already in that situation or, save for Javascript piped
in from the cloud to run locally, soon will be -- denizens of this
list and a few others excepted.

Echoing Lenin echoing Chernyshevsky, "What is to be done?" or,
perhaps, "Is anything to be done?"


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