FOIPA adventures

Wed Jul 8 04:32:09 PDT 2015

for all of you driving vehicles with hundreds of global variables
around weird machines radio linked to strange networks,

the following new FOIAs:
Use of Sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) or Unintended acceleration
in the commission of a crime, including premeditated offenses of any
kind. Please include suspicion of Sudden unintended acceleration (SUA)
or suspicion of Unintended acceleration within the scope of this
request, even if alternate cause determined. This search is to include
any and all records, including cross-references and indirect mentions,
including records outside the investigation main file. This is to
include a search of each of the following record stores and
interfaces: the Central Records System (CRS), the Automated Case
Support system ("ACS") Investigative Case Management system ("ICM"),
the Automated Case Support system ("ACS") Electronic Case File
("ECF"), and the Automated Case Support system ("ACS") Universal Index
("UNI"). Please include processing notes, even if request is denied in
part. Please identify individuals responsible for any aspect of FOIA
processing in the processing notes, along with explanation of their
involvement if not typically assigned FOIA responsibilities for the
record systems above.


best regards,

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