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Tue Jul 7 19:06:28 PDT 2015

Dodd-Frank, 7 U.S.C. 7a-2(c)(5)(C)

(C) Special rule for review and approval of event contracts and
swaps contracts

(i) Event contracts

In connection with the listing of agreements, contracts, transactions,
or swaps in excluded commodities that are based upon the occurrence,
extent of an occurrence, or contingency (other than a change in the
price, rate, value, or levels of a commodity described in section
1a(2)(i)2 of this title), by a designated contract market or swap
execution facility, the Commission may determine that such agreements,
contracts, or transactions are contrary to the public interest if
the agreements, contracts, or transactions involve --

  (I) activity that is unlawful under any Federal or State law;

  (II) terrorism;

  (III) assassination;

  (IV) war;

  (V) gaming; or

  (VI) other similar activity determined by the Commission, by rule
  or regulation, to be contrary to the public interest.

(ii) Prohibition

No agreement, contract, or transaction determined by the Commission
to be contrary to the public interest under clause (i) may be listed
or made available for clearing or trading on or through a registered

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