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Are they still at it?


On 05/18/2015 09:51 AM, JS733NknRj6J wrote:
> I seem to vaguely remember this profile (or one like it) but can't
> turn it up myself. Would be very grateful for the link if you do
> repost it.
> - JS7
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> We did a context profile on Satoshi with analysis of intel-based 
> datacenter profiles and certain known paterns from the USSS 
> (Treasury Fincen) crew you like so much at Yale and another
> specific MI5 ish unit whome you remember from Anguilla. The
> analysis clustered age and language patterns and identified a very
> tight range of character and background with institutional intent,
> then modeled the propaganda influence that gave rise to the BTC
> trend. The analysis was posted on the forums and pdf, but are
> missing from search. We will repost the original and add some
> current profile analysis. In short, the character is a 20s 2-year
> AS pre-law 1811 (police) with distinct interest in using US/UK and
> new international law *pyramid scheme policies to take over global
> legacy datacenters* in criminal forfeiture cases. Another party did
> a review of law&policy influencers of the same market and
> similarily isolated the core group. (no need to mention
> On Sunday, May 17, 2015, John Young <jya@pipeline.com 
> <mailto:jya@pipeline.com>> wrote:
> nytimes.com/2015/05/17/business/decoding-the-enigma-of-satoshi-nakamot
> Those around cypherpunks 1993-1998 will recall Szabo's emails on 
> bitcoin early precursors along with Adam Back, Hal Finney, Tim
> May, Wei Dai, Lucky Green, Hettinga, many more burgeoning F-Cs.
> NYT piece credits cpunks as subversive birther, now being 
> hyper-monetized by arch-cryptoanarchist Goldman Sachs and many more
> centralists.
> Szabo denies being Satoshi, but ... others rush to fill the gap

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