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Thu Jul 2 02:28:47 PDT 2015

Dnia niedziela, 28 czerwca 2015 17:58:39 Steve Kinney pisze:
> >> The age of privacy, and everything with it, including the
> >> freedom of association and separation of public and private
> >> life, is ending. The public is smiling merrily along the
> >> road. 1984 is coming, but the public is not scared or
> >> suppressed. They are smiling happy people, obedient and
> >> cheerful, and they take the best of care of their keepers.
> The end of "privacy as we know it" is only a dystopian scenario if
> the institutions of authoritarian governance survive in the
> post-privacy world.  I don't believe they can survive, because the
> same network infrastructure that has already made so much formerly
> "private" information public also shifts the balance of power away
> from established institutions in fundamental ways.

I'm afraid, unfortunately, that the head start we got by jumping on this 
Internet thingy early on and figuring shit out is slowly running out. The NSA 
and the rest of Five Eyes figured this shit out now, too -- along with "oh 
wait, there was no privacy-by-design anywhere? that's cute".

And they have a much, much bigger budget.

Between that, and the populace being herded by "EHRMAHGEHRD TEHRRISTS!" on one 
hand and "privacy is gone, baby" on the other, we are not winning this one 
right now.

> Keeping State and Corporate secrets out of public view is becoming
> progressively more difficult, while the mechanism of ad-hoc self
> organizing "smart mob" actions arising from the public at large is
> an emergent challenge to established power centers.  If and as
> these trends continue to accelerate, the nature of political power
> will eventually be transformed.

That's why "hackers", "hacktivists" and "Anonymous" are used as synonyms of 
"terrorists" by the powers that are. And the media.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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