[Bitcoin-development] questions about bitcoin-XT code fork & non-consensus hard-fork

rysiek rysiek@hackerspace.pl
Thu Jul 2 02:38:54 PDT 2015

Dnia niedziela, 28 czerwca 2015 20:52:43 Sean Lynch pisze:
> Wow, that's a low blow. Arguing by authority, and then a false dichotomy:
> "either you know more about Bitcoin than X, or you should not have a voice
> at
>  all on this"
> Might I suggest considering arguing on the merits instead, next time? :)
>  Perhaps if you bothered to read more than the last message in the thread
> you would realize that I already attempted that. I think your expectations
> are a bit high when there are people on the thread arguing that we should
> really consider the opinions of those making death threats. IOW listen to
> the terrorists.

But that's exactly why I was so surprised. I filter out the people that make 
no sense or deat5h threats, but when I see a person that usually seems to make 
sense, and yet lands a straw man, I'm taken aback. :)

> It seems to me that people are terrified by a hard fork because they have a
> huge stake in Bitcoin. To me that's the best argument there could possibly
> be to fork now and get it out of the way. Bitcoin can't survive if it
> ossifies due to the fears of morons who can't be bothered to diversify
> their investment, and who have such low morals that they'd stoop to making
> death threats.

Fair point.

> If we're going to argue based on the merits then let's do that, and leave
> the death threats and doom and gloom out of it. We need to be thinking
> beyond Bitcoin to the future of cryptocurrencies on general, and a healthy
> cryptocurrencies ecosystem cannot survive as an ossified monoculture.

The question is: can the *cryptocurrency* ecosystem survive if BitCoin hard-
forks. Some say "no, because loss of trust"; some say "yeah, it will actually 
grow strong". I'm not convinced either way.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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