RedPhone Removed from Google Play Store

Badbiosvictim badbiosvictim at
Wed Jan 21 19:04:07 PST 2015

I appreciate your suggestion. My Motorola Droid has android 4.1. Thanks.

On January 20, 2015 12:27:51 AM EST, shelley at wrote:
>On January 19, 2015 6:45:46 PM badbiosvictim at wrote:
>>> If someone knows of a way to install a current version of the Google
>> > Service Framework, without using the Google Play app, I'd be
>> to know.
>I don't use google-anything on my android phone; I use F-Droid and 
>side-load everything else.  I'm sorry if I've missed it, but which
>of android OS are you running?  Surely one of us can upload the 
>corresponding GSF .apk for you?
>> >
>> > Otherwise you're stuck using older versions of Textsecure that
>> > SMS, but again I'm pretty sure that requires an active cellular
>plan with
>> > SMS capable telephone number.
>> You are correct. I will use older TextSecure on my activated phone.
>> perfectly.
>> On my unactivated "PDA,"I will continue to email my contacts
>> cellular text address unless I convince my contacts to use peerio or
>> chatsecure or subrosa.

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