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Tue Jan 20 11:49:06 PST 2015

On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 11:33 AM, rysiek <rysiek at> wrote:
> have a look at Julia Reda in the European Parliament; Pirate Party (not a huge
> fan of the Pirates, but still, closest to Cypherpunks as you can get right
> now). Before there was Amelia Andersdotter.
> Sometimes all you need is to look around a bit.

Yes and I did say effectively as in a couple MPs may be
of muted influence... if you put 2 pro voices, 8 moderate voices
and 90 antis in a room (or any other best conceivable odds
at internal psyche on fringe issues like crypto rights) you're
unlikely to get much done other than arduously slow education.
On the other hand if getting on the ballot with a new platform is
relatively easy you can flood that with candidates and see what
happens. Either way, good thing is that we actually are now
nearing a point where odds of an elected having been exposed
to computers as an innate user and even some of these issues[1]
their whole life are getting better. Due to this maybe in another 10
years there will be an inflection and it'll just happen. Till
then we need more people strategically moving in, ie...
Just know that the other side is moving theirs in too so you
have to beat the race. Right now is a good time to do it
because the only ones really steeped in these issues are
the original internet users (or the young github/twitter activist
generation), you wait and will get washed out by the general
masses coming online behind you as future candidates, then
your trusted voice "hey this MP knows CPU's, lets ask her" is
dimished before you can steer any 10/20/50 year guidance into

[1] Like having personally used bittorrent, stumbled across
github, maybe followed a link to the EFF, etc... actual knowledge
beyond consumer use of internet.

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