Cypherpunk Politics

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Tue Jan 20 00:56:02 PST 2015

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 3:33 PM, rysiek <rysiek at> wrote:
> Dnia niedziela, 18 stycznia 2015 02:36:09 grarpamp pisze:
>> What of political license / subscription to theory, and actual
>> politiking like Pirate Party?
> Politics breeds compromise, usually. THat's the problem. there are very few
> people that are able to stay in politics yet not compromise and keep their
> integrity.

Yes. However it would at the same time be effectively true to say
that there are no electeds anywhere holding some cypherpunk knowledge
and politik as part of their internal thought base, therefore no chance
to espouse and inject that even if under compromise.
ie: look how many elected truly 'get' computers or the internet.
Or court in DPR case that has to struggle with basic stuff.

Cypherpunks for elected reps! Where's the retired cypherpunks
anyways? We have a job for you...

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