Obama joins against crypto aka freedom

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Mon Jan 19 15:46:24 PST 2015

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 11:17 PM, odinn <odinn.cyberguerrilla at riseup.net> wrote:
> tl;dr ..... or not?

No, this is historical possibility. Might as well throw in a copy of
Wikipedia too. Just like the seed and genome banks out there
for if/when we fuck it up. Even the cryopreservation wonks. The
whole of human knowledge and existance thing. Humanity
goes in these long cycles of destroy and rebuild, some more
severe and complete than others. And odds of higher completion
increase with inventing more non natural processes over short time
like bioengineering and nukes that have not yet reached long time
evolutionary integration/protection toward natural defence/backoff.

> And that is all, and the EFF can huff and puff but at the end of the
> day there will be no large scale uprising because the level of apathy

It's not just the US. There are world protests, but lasting real success
anywhere in the world against the pro-surveillors and anti-cryptos and
nothing-to-hiders and thought-crimers, seems yet to be determined.

> People are kind of excited about CISPA fight (and maybe the mailing
> lists that are used to fight CISPA could also be used for fighting

That's because they apparently love using the internet for piracy so they
can watch the fucking Simpsons and football and movies and porn and
Beyonce. Portray the issues last above into them not being able to do that
anymore and you might see some riseup activity there. Probably more
than you'd see if you told them their corps/govts/friends were reading
their sexy text messages because they kindof already know that
and don't give a fuck because it's just being watched, not being *taken
away from them*. You have to take away the beer and candy and
gasoline and water and vaporize their cash flow to get a reaction.

> One of the things I suggest doing is just saying screw humanity for a
> while.  Put some of our best, most hardcore code, like Gnupg (gpg) and
> ...
> (BTC) and BCN.  And put all this stuff in as examples of like, an
> undersea Voyager 1.  And then send it to the bottom of the ocean.  And
> tell it to come back in like 10 years, or 50 years, but to, you know,
> check back from a distance first, to make sure that we are not dead
> first, to make sure we haven't killed ourselves off or that we haven't
> screwed up even more than we have already.
> ...
> https://twitter.com/AnonyOdinn/status/556952326347317248
> https://github.com/abisprotocol/ImmortalCode
> The idea is there is code and DNA kind of mixed together in an
> Autonomous Knowledge Node, protected in a robotic hard shell as an
> OpenROV, sort of like a little submarine, but it can reproduce in
> certain conditions.  And it can then communicate with other species.
> It will try to learn things to bring back from the depths to help us
> survive, assuming we are still alive when we return.  (And of course
> it will bring back the crypto it carried along as well sort of like
> the Golden Platter of Voyager 1 or something)
> This is kind of along ramble, so I'll just be quiet now.

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