Obama joins against crypto aka freedom

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tl;dr ..... or not?

If it's free and open source and not part of what is produced by a
corporation (and is auditable) (and can be held in repositories in a
bunch of different places that can be compared to each other so as to
make sure that the place for public to download isn't just infected
with crap from government), then great!

If it is not free and open source and if it relies in any way on any
corporation and cannot be downloaded directly from github or a similar
repository system, then oh well, you aren't going to be able to rely
on it, because the corporation (in the US and in most places in the
world) isn't going to be able to legally operate and certainly won't
be able to legally distribute to the US without license from the USG.

And that is all, and the EFF can huff and puff but at the end of the
day there will be no large scale uprising because the level of apathy
in the US is at an all time high.  I mean, how many years has EFF been
with Jewel v. NSA in the courts?  Their lawyers might die before the
case gets resolution.

People are kind of excited about CISPA fight (and maybe the mailing
lists that are used to fight CISPA could also be used for fighting
Obama and Cameron on encryption), though I sense that is kind of
wearing thin after so many damn repeats of the same thing. Over and over.

One of the things I suggest doing is just saying screw humanity for a
while.  Put some of our best, most hardcore code, like Gnupg (gpg) and
some of the best stuff, that you could think of (I happen to like
textsecure) - look, I'm sure you could think of all kinds of amazing
things - just examples of really good crypto.  You know, like bitcoin
(BTC) and BCN.  And put all this stuff in as examples of like, an
undersea Voyager 1.  And then send it to the bottom of the ocean.  And
tell it to come back in like 10 years, or 50 years, but to, you know,
check back from a distance first, to make sure that we are not dead
first, to make sure we haven't killed ourselves off or that we haven't
screwed up even more than we have already.

So here is my concept project for an undersea Voyager 1:
On Github:
The idea is there is code and DNA kind of mixed together in an
Autonomous Knowledge Node, protected in a robotic hard shell as an
OpenROV, sort of like a little submarine, but it can reproduce in
certain conditions.  And it can then communicate with other species.
It will try to learn things to bring back from the depths to help us
survive, assuming we are still alive when we return.  (And of course
it will bring back the crypto it carried along as well sort of like
the Golden Platter of Voyager 1 or something)

This is kind of along ramble, so I'll just be quiet now.

- -O

> On 01/17/2015 03:34 PM, grarpamp wrote:
>> President Barack Obama said Friday that police and spies should
>> not be locked out of encrypted smartphones and messaging apps...
>> http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/01/16/obama-sides-with-cameron-in-encryption-fight/
>> tions
>> American should be in the streets over talk like this.
> It was support for Clipper that denied Al Gore the Presidency in
> 2000.
> But whatever, Democrats have zero chance in 2016 ;)

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