RedPhone Removed from Google Play Store

Cathal (Phone) cathalgarvey at
Sat Jan 17 13:40:39 PST 2015

The way OWS designed TS, it requires Google account and Google Play / Apps to use the data channel. This build, at least, will/should work with SMS only mode.

Warning, it's an old build. Want up to date builds? Ask moxie why OWS only distribute anti-surveillance software builds though a known NSA asset.

On 17 January 2015 20:49:49 GMT+00:00, Badbiosvictim <badbiosvictim at> wrote:
>>From: Cathal Garvey <cathalgarvey at>
>As far as "where to get it", here's a copy: 
>>Cert is self-signed:
>>SHA1: 63:9B:E2:FA:D8:A9:66:DE:46:B7:E4:C2:18:47:73:04:C0:12:FE:1F
>I apologize for belatedly thanking you for TextSecure download link.
>Two days ago, I downloaded it despite the browser warning the
>certificate was not valid: 
>" uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate
>is not trusted because it is self-signed. The certificate is only valid
>for isadora-amd64 (Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)"
>I installed TextSecure on my Droid 3 which does have a cellular
>account. TextSecure works if airplane mode is not on. Turning airplane
>mode on and wifi on, TextSecure does not work. Yet, description of
>TextSecure is that it works over wifi, data and/or SMS.
>I installed TextSecure on my Motorola droid 4. I use Droid 4 as a PDA.
>No cellular account. How can I get TextSecure to work over wifi? 
>Badbiosvictim, formerly bluelotus

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