Russian blockade of common bitcoin sites

Mirimir mirimir at
Thu Jan 15 10:57:55 PST 2015

On 01/15/2015 02:57 AM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
>> This is a different issue. As I read the Perspecsys piece, it's about
>> protecting Russian users' data from the NSA etc, and not about censoring
>> online activity.
> And the Nazi invasion of Poland was to protect ethnic Germans from Polish
> atrocities. The same goes for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Given how many nations are recreating their stuff to protect their
citizens' data from NSA etc, the Russian efforts are not unusual. But of
course Russia has a long history of social repression. One can argue
that it's all defensive, and driven by fear of the Allies. Or instead,
one can argue that it's just Russian mafia/oligarchs protecting their
turf and sheeple. Reality is probably some mix of all that, with maybe
even some idealism thrown in.

> I think Putin is trustworthy. His most trustworthy moment was when Snowden
> called in to his yearly TV show and he told Snowden that Russia does not
> spy on it's citizens like the NSA.
> Let's take the word of a politician at face value, what could go wrong?

Calling Putin a politician is in itself amusing :)

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