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Wed Jan 14 07:25:06 PST 2015

Which mildly concerns me also, however it's in Beta so I suspect when 
1.0 lands it'll be "additional disk space" plus additional features.

Besides, the threat model is pretty transparent (content is invisible 
but senders/recipients/times all visible to server owner) and the client 
is open source and runs on a vetted crypto-scheme. The server is not 
open (yet?) but the documentation on the github makes the entire 
protocol very clear, so re-implementing would be time consuming but 

Implementing a third-party server that federates, and extending the code 
to allow for cross-domain messages could make this a nice 
websocket-based standard replacement for email that's crypto-first, at 
last. In the mean-while, I'm happy to use Nadim's server and see where 
he takes it.

On 14/01/15 15:10, Bill St. Clair wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 9:22 AM, Cathal Garvey
> <cathalgarvey at <mailto:cathalgarvey at>> wrote:
>     Just landed beta: open source, minilock-based crypto, really nice
>     design. Server side storage of end-to-end encrypted files and
>     messages, 1.3Gb of storage for free. No ads.
> ​Promise of no ads ever. No sign of any usage fees. May be good
> technology, but I see no business plan.​
> -Bill St. Clair

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