3 Bitcoin-related websites blocked in Russia, including bitcoin.org

Anton Nesterov komachi at openmailbox.org
Tue Jan 13 19:03:11 PST 2015

First law Internet censorship law (2012) was met by some protest,
Russian Wikipedia was closed for a day, Russian Google & Yandex placed
censorship doodle, the law was criticized hardly by everyone in the
industry, etc., but it was passed anyway.

There was mass rallies followed election fraud in 2011-2012
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011%E2%80%9313_Russian_protests , and it
was probably the reason for all these crazy laws. 2011-2012 rallies
didn't brought to any positive changes, but made it clear that there is
many people who can go on the streets.

Rallies still going on (latest was on 30 December, organized all of
sudden in a day
, and there will be more).

And of course there is special law that allows general prosecutor to
immediately block websites with calls for unsanctioned rallies and
extremist activities.

> On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 4:20 PM, Anton Nesterov <komachi at openmailbox.org> wrote:
>> prohibited by Russian law, and the law allow courts to prohibit
>> distribution of any information in Russia.
> This is sad. Forget about cryptocurrency law for minute. Where
> are the status of Russian populace voices in making these
> speech prohibition laws? Are they rebelling? wtf, serious biz.

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