Bittorrent Mainline DHT and Tor

Anton Nesterov komachi at
Tue Jan 13 14:28:09 PST 2015

With "Reduced Exit Policy" that allows connections only on some ports,
so dynamic ports are the reason why it works

Cathal Garvey:
> Hey all,
> I'm aware that (for pretty good reasons) bittorrent is "blocked" by most
> exits on Tor. However, I'm unsure how this blockage is implemented, and
> it just emerged as a relevant item in my thought-process: the Bittorrent
> "Mainline" DHT is not necessarily useful to Bittorrent alone, but is
> frequently used as an experimental platform for other P2P applications.
> Is the bittorrent DHT blocked by Tor exits, or just the Bittorrent
> file-transfer protocol? If the latter, how is that block enacted when
> most bittorrent apps support protocol obfuscation and dynamic ports?

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