Meet the iMarker, Russian targeted ad service which analyze your traffic on ISP side

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I realize that you all have heard of this before, but you seriously
need to take a look at bitmessage or pybitmessage.  I've noticed that
some users (for example in or near China) have had major lag in
sending or receiving the messages sometimes, but it's pretty good at
avoiding censorship and traffic tracking associated with typical
server-oriented models of communication.


Works best if the bitmessage application is left running and has eight
to ten connections.

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Я понимаю, что вы все слышали об этом раньше, но вы серьезно должны
взглянуть на Bitmessage или pybitmessage. Я заметил, что некоторые
пользователи (например, в или вблизи Китая) имели серьезные задержки в
отправке или получении сообщения иногда, но это довольно хорошо
избегая цензуры и отслеживания трафика, связанного с типичными
серверными ориентированных моделей коммуникации.


> It remembers me about Phorm at UK, BR, some other countries also.
> There is a firefox addon to detect / scramble / block this kind of 
> redirects URLs, generating random unique IDs to throw garbage on
> the data the ISP collects.
> But seems its not open source.
> --Virilha
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> Russian targeted ad service which analyze your traffic on ISP side 
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>> How it works?
>> ISPs install the iMarker equipment and mirror all user's traffic
>> on it (Russian surveillance system, SORM, works the same way).
>> Software takes time, URL and HTTP Headers from HTTP requests.
>> Then scraper with IP and User-Agent WebIndex follow
>> every visited URL and analyze its content. All this information
>> used to build a profile for user. They says that information is
>> removed right after analysis, and software saves only result of
>> that analysis. Their website lists that they categorize users by
>> search queries, online shopping activity, time of visits,
>> activity on social networks, keywords on visited pages, visited
>> websites, social-demographic info, such as sex, age, marital 
>> status, and education level, and then they use that data to
>> distribute users for consumers groups. Every user has some kind
>> of pseudonymous ID with linked profile.
>> It's also has an opt-out option
>> How many users affected?
>> They says it's 38 million people all over Russia. Minister of 
>> Communication Nikolay Nikiforov said in 2014 there was 62 million
>> people in Russia using Internet, 56m of them do it every day, so
>> it's 61% of Russian Internet users. iMarker's website list Akado,
>> Rostelecom, ER-Telecom, NetByNet, Qwerty, and TTK as ISPs that
>> installed iMarker's equipment.
>> How to check if this affects you?
>> If you are a client of Russian ISP, you can check it here 
>> If you own a webserver, grep the
>> logs for connections from
>> How do check script works?
>> It generate a random link and wait for 3 seconds for connection
>> from iMarker's IP address.
>> How long iMarker works?
>> Company start work on January 2010, commercial sells started on
>> August 2011.
>> — script that checks if your ISP
>> use iMarker 
>> — report on iMarker from 2013, says they are ready to provide
>> free DPI to ISPs in exchange of user's data (Russian) 
>> — blog post quoting
>> private mails from iMarker's crew (Russian) 
>> — TOS (Russian) 
>> — blog post about iMarker
>> (Russian) — iMarker website (Russian) 
>> — opt-out page (Russian) 
>> — Nikiforov's
>> statement on number of Russian Internet users (Russian)
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