Please stop top posting [was: TrueCrupt...]

Seth list at
Wed Jan 7 10:15:54 PST 2015

On Wed, 07 Jan 2015 02:21:42 -0800, Cathal Garvey  
<cathalgarvey at> wrote:
> nevertheless find scrolling down to find replies inline irksome.

This is about the only point on this issues where I can agree with Cathal.

Bottom posting makes more sense to me but scrolling through pages of  
mangled cascading-80-character-wrapped-indented-reply garbage just to get  
to 'the meat' annoys me just about as much as top posting does. The  
scourge of mailing list slobs who are too lazy to trim their replies cuts  
across both camps.

If I had to choose between a world where everyone mercilessly and neatly  
trimmed their mailing replies while posting both top and bottom, vs one  
where everyone bottom posted all the time but never trimmed the crap, I  
think I would prefer the former.

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