Rant on BSD vs GPL was [Good ol' BSD vs. GPL]

Georgi Guninski guninski at guninski.com
Wed Jan 7 05:25:25 PST 2015

On Tue, Jan 06, 2015 at 02:45:16PM -0600, Lodewijk andré de la porte wrote:
> 2015-01-06 18:51 GMT+01:00 Georgi Guninski <guninski at guninski.com>:
> > Haskell language shit depending on GCC and claiming they "compile with
> > portable
> > assembler" don't make sense to me too, fuck Haskelli and its monads,
> > sorry.
> >
> Not really sure how this factors into it. There's more than one Haskell
> compiler, you know? Haskell and monads are languages, and do not depend

I suppose I trolled about GHC:  https://www.haskell.org/ghc/license

Since I am in a trolling mood, let me give you the following
benchmark to check your favorite language for speed:

The fibonacci numbers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number
are defined by the linear recurrence:
F(0)=0,F(1)=1,F(n)=F(n-1)+F(n-2) [1].

Using numerology, you can compute F(n) in O(log(n)).

Compute F(n) via the slow recurrence [1].

Question: In haskell (or in your favourite language), how
long does it take to compute F(2^32) modulo 2^32?

Modulo 2^32 means working with C int's.

The haskell fanatic called this "micro-benchmark".
If you work in excel, you don't care if the popup shows in
0.1 or in 0.9 seconds.
If you work with loops to 2^34, you might care if you use C
or haskell IMHO.


> upon compilation to have meaning. Monads are like, kinda inevitable. You
> have them in your code, you just don't know.
> As for the rest, GPL when something is everyone's property, BSD when you're
> actually just a company pushing a product or just don't care. There's not
> much between GPL and BSD. I'd like a structure where you have to pay to get
> in, but once you're in it's like GPL (but only with others who are "in"),
> instead of every closed source license out there.
> Meanwhile we must not depend upon the bullshit copyright system to provide
> us with compensation. Distribution is no longer a challenge and no profit
> can be extracted from it anymore. Stop it already. Please stop ruining
> reality to create artificial scarcity, I want it not.

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