TrustLeap: provably-secure, "forever unbreakable" security

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> The CEO of TrustLeap contacted me recently to boast about his
> "unbreakable" security, and that 'we' are doing everything wrong and
> "all open source software is backdoored".
> Quotes from the website:
> > TrustLeap can mathematically prove that it has "unbreakable
> > encryption" against unlimited computing power, forever, and by-design.
> > As a result, "modern" cryptography (all the algorithms used today,
> > either standard or custom) is _provably unsafe_.
> What do you think about that?
> There is a challenge:
> > This is a page for real experts in cryptography
> I thought I'll share it with you guys.

All that text and I still have no idea what this thing does. The exercise
is pointless: I could give you some plaintext and blob of random garbage
(or just use a one-time pad) and make all the same claims. And the
customers listed on their Customers page are using their Remote Desktop
product, not this.

But all you really need to know is they're only offering $1,000 as a reward
to people who break their
provably-secure-everybody-else-is-an-idiot-yadda-yadda system. Maybe they
should convince themselves that it's secure first.
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