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Sun Jan 4 16:23:22 PST 2015

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It's unclear to me what exactly is causing said censorship lately.

But I've seen some unusual amount of what (in my eyes) is censorship
occur across totally different lists and forums over the past few
weeks.  It's hard to say "oh that occured here, here and here!"
because your thought may be way different than mine on where that
actually occurred, so I'll just shut up on that threshold piece. (IMHO
it's when someone keeps your content from appearing or just disappears
something you've posted, in a very simplistic overview, of the list
question) However...  In each case the common thread which seemed to
actually result in censorship being initiated (wherever you might
think it was), was someone posting something (or trying to express
something) relating to crypto, identity, or anonymity related.  No
surprise there.  It also seemed to occur in the last few weeks of this
year, or more recently which was kind of odd.  I disagree with anyone
who might propose the whole "lizard theory" of censorship, as I think
that any list or forum censorship (where it does occur) has nothing
(or almost zero) to do with any lizard antics and much more to do with
underlying "earth core displacement" issues that touch on major
differences both within crypto communities themselves and also within
(probably overly) curious members of investigatory / LEO communities.

Finally, it has not escaped my attention that the recent attacks on
Tor or portions of the Tor network, could have been enough to broaden
block lists (whether this block list / spam effect bit would be
intentional or not) which would result in delivery of  information to
- - and (see - where sorbs
and barracudacentral for example might then become recipients
(inexpensively and quickly) of even larger amounts of IP addresses
than before, which could be in certain situations shown as spam
addresses, at least during the time of the brief and limited attacks
on Tor late last year.  See for example: and look towards bottom of
page thing.  This might have briefly caused some (Tor) users, for
example, to have had limited accessibility to some sites, in some
circumstances - even if unintentional.  I am not going to go on some
long ass rantarola on how this could or could not happen. It hurts my
back to be sitting here typing so I'll slow down and stop real soon.
Tear me to shreds on this idea if you wish, but it is entirely
possible that this could have occurred in some parts of the network(s).

As to the actual result of this process in _intentional_ censorship,
wherever and however that actually occurs:  Unacceptable.

I have also noticed that pybitmessage / bitmessage has been having
more lag issues lately esp. when the messages are being sent /
received to / from China.  This is less a problem if sent from a
"free-er" zone (e.g. Macao, Japan... the latter of which is, well...
really not freeish at all) but still... can be issues. Not sure if
anyone here has experienced same things so I've been encouraging
people to be cautious with pybitmessage / bitmessage atm and use gpg
more in 2015.  Best encryption is best thing... I truly hope gnupg -
gpg will get fully funded soon
( hey! see this! includes bitcoin as option for donation to gpg project: )

Then that which is is decentralized is best thing.  This is why I will
keep yammering about why we should be using truly decentralized
solutions such as... not just btc but also things like bcn, hopefully
we will see zerocash in early 2015 sometime, and openbazaar is already
working.  We have models which will work without requiring a state
model, but which don't require that we participate in the same
tiresome and violent struggles time and time again either.  T. May's
thoughts in 1992 seemed crazy to most people who would have read them
at that time.
Now they just sort of seem like a first step in whatever's next.


What's next?

Just kind of rolling this around in my brain, by the way:
[EN/CH] (my microgiving project)
some announcements to come about that soon I hope.

Georgi Guninski:
> On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 07:16:04AM -0500, John Young wrote:
> Didn't follow all details, but the same happened to me on Fyodor's 
> full disclosure last time I checked several? months ago.
> If you ask me, admins like these deserve to lose their backup (if
> any) say due to cosmic rays.

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