TrueCrypt, GostCrypt, *Crypt - status?

Cathal Garvey cathalgarvey at
Sun Jan 4 02:52:55 PST 2015

 > Please stop top posting.

When replies are excessive, I will trim them. When a particular snippet 
of quoted text is immediately relevant (as above) I will top-quote. 
However, sorry, but I'll continue emailing as I always have done; if I 
come from a different internet culture to you, and if top-posting is 
anathema to you but not I, that's just a difference we'll have to 
reconcile to stay high-signal and on-topic.

However, in the spirit of 2015, which will consist mostly of code-golf 
and optimism, here's a Python one-liner in the most brutalist sense that 
will solve your problem, at least for the "offending" email to which you 
were replying. It may be broken across lines by my or your email client 
or an ignorant intermediary; filter newlines to resolve. Sorry it's so 
verbose, inlining those imports might help, but by now I'm bored.

str(E))or(O.write('\n'.join([': '.join(i)for i in 
E.items()]+['']+[ ""]+[L for L in 
B.splitlines()if Re.match('>[^>]',L)]+['']+[L for L in 
B.splitlines()if(not L)or(not Re.match('(>|On.+?wrote:)',L))])+"\n")))())()

On 04/01/15 01:37, grarpamp wrote:
> Windows + third party + opensource + gui + full disk encryption.
> I doubt its volumes were portable like ZFS. You could Windows
> mount iSCSI/SMB/NFS from a VM of FreeBSD+GELI+ZFS.
> Please stop top posting.

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