TrueCrypt, GostCrypt, *Crypt - status?

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Sun Jan 4 01:57:17 PST 2015

On 04/01/2015 09:13, Ɓukasz 'Cyber Killer' Korpalski wrote:
> I'd say the killer feature was that it was trustworthy and it had
> an easy way of backing up the volume header with the key and
> password. Use case: in a company an employee forgets their password
> or something messes up the volume header, comes to the IT dept for
> help and they can easily restore that.

  I am expecting a future version to automate some of that - TC, great
as it is, really isn't good in the Enterprise because trying to manage
hundreds of volumes spread over hundreds of desktops, laptops, and
removable media, is a management nightmare. Competing (and presumably
less secure) products do well because they *do* cater to central
administration, and often integrate into a runtime AV, AT or DLP solution.

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