TrueCrypt, GostCrypt, *Crypt - status?

Griffin Boyce griffin at
Fri Jan 2 20:02:17 PST 2015

   I hear good things about Zulucrypt, probably because it can also 
manage truecrypt volumes and devices.  I've got truecrypt-encrypted 
drives that I use truecrypt for, so I'm also really curious to see what 
the best solution will be long-term.  (Preferably awesome and usable and 


On 2015-01-02 21:33, odinn wrote:
> Hash: SHA512
> see the thing on cryptsetup discussed in part here:
> (this is a older post from just before mid-2014 I think)
> I had suggested cryptsetup actually to a few people.  I still think it
> is a good thing.
> grarpamp:
>> After TrueCrypt, many tens of proposed continuations, and even
>> brand new competing projects appeared, such as:
>> Have any of those many projects gained following, review, support,
>> opensource license, and ongoing development work such that they can
>> now be considered the in fact TrueCrypt successor / new independant
>> solution?

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