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Apple Watch Observations. 123pp, btc
no copyright. redistribution & mirroring ok (see disclaimer)

Critique of the Apple Watch concept in a good-bad-&-ugly scenario,
accounting for app mania & the "apps apps apps" mantra preceding
creation of the App Watch, standing in for the watch of the future.
Thus proprietary apps, OS & ecosystem approach as a conceptual
and ideological limit, though also in a context of hidden politics,
exploitation of technology and rapidly developing police state.
In this way dual-use blackbox devices, antagonistic electronics
operating with competing value systems, human and antihuman,
truth absent within computer data models, no structural basis
for knowledge, the bit itself becomes 'the sign of truth', where
$=bit (on=money, off=no-money) in terms of evaluating data,
leading to slavery dynamics, censoring data by denying access
via authoritarian control over culture, on behalf of tyrannical
power politics of Big Daddy as state oppressor, not Big Brother.
In this way - as an optimistic view - establishing new rights to
data access via wearable technology, micro-data & -payments
in surrounding pervasive wireless infrastructure, beyond the
detached aristocratic mindset of Silicon Valley utopianism,
developing tools for humanity, to support & secure freedom.

/note: the gist for cypherpunks & crypto could involve an otherwise
off-the-books threat model & related security issues in a real-world
non-politically-correct analysis conveyed via plainspoken viewpoint/.

0.1   unveiling, cognitive dissonance, counterpoint, time = $$$
1.1   device name, seitiroirp, technocracy, culture & fitness profiles
1.2   watch of the future, Achilles heel, risk and reward, App Watch
1.3   timing, SoC as movement, GPS, XU, OS-determinism, sans AI
1.4   apps, middle-mgmt, ecosystem, ideology, iPhone, autonomy
2.1   aesthetics, inside/outside, gap, data-model, utility & futility
2.2   moonshot, wrist computer, security threat, proprietization
3.1   consumerism, QC and QA, revolution, ideas and processing
3.2   calligraphy v. helveticization, interface as facade, core-rot
3.3   forced perspective, junk|joke, mirroring, mundanity of evil
4.1   watches {mechanical, electronic, computer} w/A&D display
4.2   lessons unlearned, display-battery issues, value, economy
4.3   snsrs, smartwatch {digital watch}; set {subset}, subset {set}
4.4   the heart, biorhythmic movement, fitness, ID maze, dystopia
4.5   jumping spider, true innovation, seed, wristwatch data orrery
4.6   aesthetic substance, 1984, inhuman technology, Dark Ages 2.0
5.1   space-time-place device, brain|mind, consciousness, AI, QvA
5.2   time signals, delay, accuracy, GPS & atomic clocks, Project Apollo
5.3   context+sensors+datalogging+networking < user case studies
6.1   malproduction, surveillance, antagonistic electronics, crazy ones
6.2   more: dual-use, weaponization, unreality, hidden politics, errors
6.3   blackbox, eg. flashdrive, A/B, corruption, NSA, police state, trap
6.4   control. transparency, covert infrastructure, Taylorism, insecurity
6.5   flds+sgnls, diagnostics, forbidden fruit, Abuse, sexuality & power
6.6   fear, donuts, aristocracy, slavery, OS plantation, clockwork-apple
6.7   fortune telling, $=bit, wysinwyg, invisible states, watching spies
6.8   ideals, Big Daddy,, IoT, bubble, conceptual shareholders
7.1   data infrastructure, the grid, 1950s, security,
7.2   lifespan, jewelry.ext, adaptive+assistive, mission, snake eyes
7.3   hybrid [touch'e, hands]. OS highway & App store, data.access
7.4   variation, design styling, extroversion,, tiers, gold
7.5   radar, wi-fi infrastructure, micro-data development, freedom
7.6   direction, cultural RD&D, calculator v. computer, human future

xtre: proposal for public email list to discuss & debate ideas...

It is wondered if anyone would be interested in establishing
an email discussion list related to general AWO themes as
a beginning point for any such artifact/infrastructure/system
issues, observations or analyses as the general framework.
A proposed list name, '', is keyed from the text,
simultaneously referencing a potential Wi-Fi based wristwatch
with public access to pervasive data services, though also the
reality of being watched in surveillance-based global society,
as this also relates to watching the watchers, everyone an eye
as observations empirically correlate, find ground or fail to unify
as this increases isolation, alienation, silence, self-censoring.
The main concern with an open discussion (whether public or
private) is institutional and-or legal support or backing to limit
internal/external subversion or interference with list operation
so that people can feel safe communicating in "free society."
My vote would be for a public list connected to a University,
where a lot of people are discussing the same realm of ideas,
not limited of course to AWO or authorial perspective, though
involving dynamics mentioned, hypotheses, many viewpoints.

Any feedback or ideas on this appreciated. ~cc.nettime-l

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