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brian carroll electromagnetize at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 08:13:00 PST 2015

here is an example of how cryptocurrency could be approached in a
different framework than simply the default 'replace global monetary
standard' via new alternative electronic currency... which has a
good/bad utopian aspect where realism ranges from the potential to the
impossible, and if not differentiating these, could bring about its
own destruction as a model if not streamlining and doing what it is
best at or focusing on its innovative aspects versus trying to be
everything to all people.

In this way what if Bitcoin were applied in specific controlled
contexts or closed ecosystems where its symbolic value as 'symbolic
money' or rather -currency- (which could span data-to-money and vice
versa) could function as or mediate electronic ~banknotes (sans bank,
or state as bank minus the middlemen and middle-management layer) and
function in parallel to the US dollar, outside the system instead of
tied into it. Like an island ecosystem that is self-sustaining in its
own terms and not directly connected to other existing systems beyond
environmental influences, systemic ebbs & flows.

Troy Benjegerdes <hozer at hozed.org> wrote:

> Does this not describe the copyleft and copyfree software? Or maybe
> it describes a world where farmers figure out they can make more
> money by giving away all the food the world needs, and knowing
> when to sell the rest for profit?

What if the food supply and issue of government subsidization of
farming, where money is pad *not to distribute* food, to maintain
market conditions, were instead brought into a parallel system that is
detached from the US dollar as the mediating currency, and that if
farmers can indeed provide all the food necessary, if this were a
closed system or a chain of interactions that could be mediated
(within certain parameters, perhaps not all) where there are barter or
other contracts, say between those connected in a functional ecosystem
or food system ecology, (from chemical & product manufacturing to
grocers and food-based manufacturers) where an alternative currency
like Bitcoin mediated these exchanges in terms of contracts, based on
volume and quality per exchange, which could remove entire volatile
sectors from the existing speculative monetary system and stabilize
these relations, to have a beet farmer trade 100% of their output, and
have grocery stores receive this fresh produce at a much lower cost
(if not at cost, feasibly) and then resell produce this way, perhaps
more like organic coop approaches of bags of vegetables for a fixed
price or as a subscription approach to produce, where it would be
cashed out or mediated as dollars -- or even better, if the USG has
the same symbolic currency, it could be loaded onto EBT or citizen
electronic cards and exchanged for every citizen at the grocery store
(via Bitcoin/other) for what has already been paid for by the
government once already, the citizens then gaining access to food,
instead of paying multiple times (akin to multiple taxation, though
multiple payments as per the standard realm of public-private overlap
and repurchasing scenarios).  What if grocers had certain early-chain
or direct-link inventories (fresh produce infrastructure moving from
farms to stores) and that this was outside the existing money system
and yet everything would be okay, remain balanced otherwise, because
it is a closed loop, and does not require cashing out within that
dynamic. In that an island of interconnections, exchanges, could be
mediated in non-monetary though currency terms, and make fair
equitable trades. Such that perhaps farmers could trade between
themselves this way, or for government services or support via this
same system. And stabilize or regulate markets or livelihoods versus
using middlemen corporations to do this, in terms of US currency which
then is the maximal exploitation of this same chained system, to
global biased markets and dynamics, moving money and power away from
people into concentrated groups for maximal leverage that functions
against people in the system, as a form of subjugation. In other
words, what if bitcoin were Farmcoin, etc. Or foodcoin. And what kind
of systems could function like this, and how would *value* be
determined if it is actually based on information and data, and not
relegated to definition in an ever-fluctuating condition of volatile
/price/, which is chaos compared to a stable ordering of interactions
and fair exchange.

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