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Mirmir wrote:
> | 13. Targeted attacks against PGP key ids are possible
> This is an advantage of Keybase. Then we're not depending on the KeyID,
> or even on the fingerprint, but rather on an identity that's multiply
> and independently authenticated.

I keep hearing more and more about keybase, and I have a problem with it. It's 
a centralised service, owned and controlled by a single entity; moreover, the 
keys are tied to online identities controlled by corporate third parties 
(Twitter, Facebook, et al). I don't see a Diaspora/The Federation support, for 

My problem with this is two-fold:

1. It might allow abuse, esp. MITM attacks. If Keybase becomes a /de facto/ 
standard of acquiring keys, it seems trivial to me for them to replace a 
valued target's key with something a LEA would provide.

2. It still promotes the closed, walled-gardens. Diaspora or GNU Social 
support would not be that hard to implement.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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