Ronen Horowitz on "needles in the haystack" in Israel

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Israel Defense (Jan 3) - '"Quite a few Terrorists lost their lives owing
to Big Data"':

> An exclusive interview granted to Israel Defense by Ronen Horowitz, the Head of the Information Technology Division of [Israel Security Agency], provides a rare glimpse (at least to the extent that may be revealed) at one of the least familiar aspects of counterintelligence work: advanced information technology methods enabling the mining of significant bits of intelligence from the infinite ocean of information that flows in the present era through countless cellular telephones, computers, wireless communication channels, WhatsApp messages and even encrypted messages exchanged through social networks.
> This is Horowitz's first-ever public interview. He completed his term in office in October 2014. So far, his activity has been taking place only behind the shadows of the national defense system. Even his name was a secret. Horowitz was awarded several prizes during his career, including the Israel Security Prize. Following his retirement he has taken up a position in the private sector as head of technologies at the credit company Visa CAL.


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